February 2, 2012 By blogging

Congratulations on your IPO, FB!

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As PR professionals, we look to social outlets such as Facebook to increase our brand’s value by interaction.  Today however, Facebook’s brand value went for $5 billion as Mark Zuckerberg filed the company’s IPO.

Facebook was forced to go public when it exceeded the legal number of shareholders that held stake in the company last year. Private companies with more than $10 million in assets are required to file detailed financials with the Securities and Exchange Commission once they exceed 500 stockholders.

The graph to the left shows the top 10 Internet IPOs and clearly Facebook has taken the lead of this list. However, what does this mean to PR professionals?

As Internet companies usually trade very successfully, we can expect for many people to buy Facebook shares. While we don’t have the background

to stipulate what each share will be worth, which exchange it will trade on or an exact market forecast, we can expect many people to buy shares in Facebook– which is good news for PR professionals using social media!

There are an estimated 845 million Facebook users worldwide and yet some marketers still do not see its value. Similarly, some companies that have chosen to adopt social media strategies have left out the “strategic” element of their postings and do not use Facebook effectively.

With more people being monetarily invested in any social media channel, professionals that understand how to properly utilize them will be in demand.

Congrats on your IPO, Facebook. At IntegratePR, we toast to the continued development of one of the most influential pieces of technology!