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Calvin Klein Digital Campaign

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On March 1st Calvin Klein will announce their largest digital campaign to date.  The campaign will include online, mobile, print, outdoor and social media tactics on a global level.


The goal is to brand the ck one fragrance as a lifestyle brand that expands to jeans and underwear. The fragrance line was initially designed as a unisex line of fragrances and debuted in 1994.


Another aim of the campaign is to make the ck one brand more relevant to the younger generation. The home of the campaign will be ckone.com. The website will allow users to explore their brand, shop products and learn about the models featured in the campaign.


The site is designed to be highly interactive and invites users to upload their own videos to the site. They also hope to generate online discussions by asking users to voice their opinion of the brand.


The campaign will also encourage off-site discussion on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The models will also interact with users through these mediums, posing questions to users and gathering feedback.


Calvin Klein has also created mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, and Symbian smartphones. Special edition content has been generated specifically for this medium.


The entire campaign will not be launched until next week, but yesterday a teaser was released on ckone.com, we suggest checking it out. Also, keep an eye out for traditional mediums: billboards, ads in magazine’s etc.


It’s exciting to see such a large campaign utilize so many platforms. We look forward to seeing the results of the campaign and whether or not ck one is successfully re-branded.