July 14, 2016 By integrate

The Team Is Hiring!

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Our team doesn’t believe in walls. Take one look in our office, and you’ll see: we have an astounding lack of walls and a disproportionate [and very charming] surplus of prints about coffee. We’re open thinkers. We believe in opening up possibilities for our clients and employees, alike. And now we have an opening! We’re looking for a super Social Media Account Executive ready to play with a star team of passionate PR personalities. If you live and breathe social media; if you work hard and laugh harder; if you think fast and type even faster: we want to meet you!

As Integrate President/Fearless Leader/Pug Aficionado Allie “The Queen of Houston Texas” Danziger puts it: “Every day is a new day, with a new adventure, challenge, or potential online conversation ahead of us!” We’re explorers of the cutting edge; tireless students of the modern super power that is social media. Our job: snap, tweet, gram and blog our [very cool] clients miles ahead of the curve.

So what can an up and coming Social Media Avenger expect from the Integrate Team? Let the team tell you!

When we say Integrate Team, we mean TEAM. And no one knows more about our team than the Office Manager/The-Most-Organizationally-Gifted-Girl-This-Side-of-the-Mississippi: Alyssa Austin!

Alyssa says, “I’m constantly surrounded by passionate, committed and kind people that value the importance of teamwork.” The office is entirely collaborative. We talk, we work, we schmooze, we get stuff done. If one group is stumped, they’ll never be left stranded: we live and breathe solutions. “So basically,” Alyssa says, “you’re constantly sharing your opinion, learning from others and brainstorming ways to make each project a success.”

When asked to talk about Integrate, everyone in the Office wanted to pipe in:

“I love Integrate because we have high standards and we are truly passionate about our clients and the work we do! If we don’t think it is going to drive results, we don’t waste time on it. “

–Ashley Tucker, Account Supervisor

“Working in this office makes me smile. Integrate is a genuinely passionate place. I work with people-people that push each other to be smarter, quicker, better people. I like that.”

–Scott Greenberg, Intern

“There are so many things I love about working at Integrate, but I’d have to say that our culture of caring, not only for our clients, but for our teammates, as well, is what takes the cake.“

–Jenny Gustafson, Vice President of Sales & Special Projects

So now you know we’re pretty good people. But what can a savvy social media soldier get out of working with Integrate? Well, Integrate works with some stellar clients. Social Media Account Executives interact with people from every kind of industry imaginable. You’ll make friends, colleagues, and contacts. And that’s what it’s all about: people. Amidst the high-octane craziness of social media, it’s easy to forget why we do what we do. But when you see a beaming small business owner’s success smile; when you see that customer-base on the up-swing because you orchestrated a sleek social media plan; THAT is what it’s all about. And that’s what we do.

We think social media opens possibilities: for clients, for experts, for anyone. So come in and meet us: our door is open.