February 28, 2011 By blogging

Bye Bye ‘Share’ Button…It’s All About The ‘Like’

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For several months now Facebook has been updating its ‘Like’ button. They’ve finally released an update that changes the way the ‘Like’ button works completely.

Now instead of a link being posted in your recent activity every time you ‘Like’ something, a full story, thumbnail and headline are posted onto your wall. Developers are hoping that this prominence will drive more traffic to publishers website.

While Facebook has continued to develop the ‘Like’ button, they’ve stopped developing the ‘Share’ button. According to Facebook reps, the ‘Like’ button is “recommended solution for moving forward”.

The company is supposedly still supporting the ‘Share’ feature, but its place in Facebook is becoming more and more obscure. If the ‘Like’ button now posts to your newsfeed and on your wall for all to see, how much more of an advantage is the ‘Share’ feature.

Facebook says the new update is just test, but Mashable dismisses this on the account that Facebook tests normally only affect small numbers initially. This new update however, affects all Facebook users…an indication that it may be here to stay.

Personally, we’re not sure the ‘Share’ feature will be around much longer. The popularity of the ‘Like’ button has led to its recent integration in search engine results on sites like Bing.

More and more sites are funneling data to users based on not only their likes, but their friends likes. With so much data being filtered through the ‘Like’ button, it is likely ‘Share’ will lose its place on Facebook altogether.