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Business Opportunities on Pinterest

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Pinterest has taken the world by storm and has business websites touting it as one of the hottest things in social media right now. This past December, the website hit 7 million unique visitors. According to a study in January, Pinterest drove more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. The website is an online bulletin board that helps you visually “organize and share things you love.” It can also be described as a visual way to organize your browser bookmarks.

Here’s how Pinterest works:

1. After making an account, you create boards of your interest such as “ Places to visit” to pin your future travel plans or “Gadgets” to pin tech tools you’re interested in. You name your boards what you want and pin what you want.

2. Start pinning. Use the search bar for specific keywords, find and link up with your friends on Twitter and Facebook so their pins show up in your feed or check Pinterest’s general feeds by category, which range from architecture to kids to weddings.

3. Add the “Pin It” Button to your browser bookmark bar to pin on your boards as you roam the Internet. The pin will automatically link to its original destination.

There are many opportunities when it comes to Pinterest. Not only do users use it personally to create boards of products they want, dinner recipes for the next month, ideas for a party, DIY projects they want to accomplish, or the inspiration to design their future home, but businesses have already jumped on Pinterest to promote their brands. For example:

Real Simple, a monthly women’s interest magazine, pins tips and recipes, which links users to articles on their website.

Mashable, a news website, pins popular infographics and the latest and greatest in technology, social media and other general Internet greatness.

Warby Parker, a prescription eyewear company, pins their eyeglasses onto boards, which links back to their website where customers can buy their product.

GSD&M, a local ad agency, created their Pinterest account just in time for SXSW and created boards to help visitors find their way around Austin and discover what the city has to offer.

Businesses have started using Pinterest for a number of reasons.

1. Pinterest sends new people to your website.

When something is pinned, it has the chance to be re-pinned onto many, many boards among all Pinterest users. That is a lot of people who see the pin and go directly back to your website from the pin.

2. Pinterest builds your brand and gives your brand more personality.

Your boards show your followers what you’re interested in, not just what your company is all about. For example, Milkshake, a free daily email that features goods that give back, not only posts the content of their emails on the “Milkshake” board, but also pins on boards like “Water” to promote clean water around the world and “Amy: CEO and Co-founder” to show things their team member Amy enjoys. Milkshake promotes their company and their brand and mission.

3. Pinterest teaches and inspires people.

From clever tips for around the house to online tools to do your taxes, Pinterest gives users a way to discover new solutions and ideas. Businesses have the opportunity to show users how their products or services can help.

Have more questions about Pinterest? Check out their FAQ.

Are you on Pinterest? How do you use it?