July 2, 2018 By BriteIdea

Think Outside the Box: Boost your Social Game with User Generated Content

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Think Outside the Box: Boost your Social Game with User Generated Content

The demands of social media on marketing professionals are high. With so many different platforms and so many ways to share content, it can be overwhelming to populate the 24-hour streams with fresh and upbeat messages every day.

That’s why many marketers are turning to user generated content. Instead of recirculating old marketing messages or posting the same advertising campaigns day in and day out, user generated content offers marketers a way to keep content exciting and new every week. After all, who better to cater to what the user wants than the user herself?

Try these techniques to boost your social game, posting content created through the eyes of your users.

Curate Social Media Platforms with Content from Real People

Everyone knows the value that one testimonial can lend to a product or a brand. Word of mouth is still the fastest and most reliable way to sell products. Testimonials put the advice of real people on the digital page. So, why not use this strategy to create social media content?

Reach out to your standout customers for social media content, whether photos, live videos or smartphone selfies. Give your customers tips on the format and style you have in mind, and turn these submissions into a viable marketing campaign. You can weave your messaging into the user generated content or let the content speak for itself, showing real people using your products or services out in the real world. MVMT Watches has used this technique to boost their engagement on Facebook, tapping into celebrity talent and existing customers to get more visibility.

Reach the Audience that matters most to your Brand

Tying user generated content into your marketing campaigns can also lead to meaningful differences in lead generation and sales. This is especially true when you take a strategic marketing approach to your campaign. Determining who your audience is at the outset of a new marketing campaign can lead to a measurable difference in return on investment.

Tap into the abilities of the Facebook Pixel to provide insight into how users connect with your company on social media and what causes them to click to your website. You can determine the demographics of the audience that they you are best able to reach, and use this information to create a similar target audience for a value-optimized advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram. With photos submitted by real people, you are able to attract a new audience that is very similar to your existing customers and create quality conversions with low bounce rates from your site.

User Generated Content in Real Life

BriteIdea often uses UGC for various clients, knowing the importance it has on connecting followers to the brand. For example, a Chicago based children’s clothing retailer has followers all over the US who post images on social media wearing the brands product. By creating a branded hasthag and encouraging customers to post using it we are easily able to locate good quality content. With permission, we are able to re-post those images, sharing the unique style and brand positivity that is embraced by followers of the brand. By utilizing product tagging, we’re able to show the product in real life, on a fan vs. a model making the shopping experience more personal and approachable.

Another Austin based client uses a “weekend round-up” in their stories to share UGC. This shows their audience that they are actively engaging in the customer experience with their brand and elaborates the story they are trying to tell in real time! Not all UGC may be appropriate for your brand, even if they are promoting their product, so be sure to stick to your marketing strategy and brand guidelines when choosing this form of content.

Too, keep in mind that it’s crucial to receive permission from the content creator for their image. A simple private message will suffice, or even directing the creator to a link which specifies your company’s policies and procedures for shared content.

Of course, the best way to boost engagement with your brand is to reach social media users where they are, with content they can appreciate. Pay attention to the emerging trends on social media, in order to know what will really resonate with potential new customers.

Make sure you’re using the best social media platform for your particular goals, optimizing your social media campaigns and using the types of media that are popular in the moment, such as attractive Instagram photos or Facebook Live for videos. By combining user generated content with the social media trends that are in style, you’re sure to boost your social media game. Better yet, you may see meaningful results in your returns.