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Go beyond vanity metrics for better results

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Go beyond vanity metrics for better results

Using marketing metrics to measure your campaigns is a great way to find out whether your marketing tactics are effective. There’s a wide range of statistics available for measuring the success of each campaign, but the best information comes when you dig deeper into the data.

Go beyond vanity metrics to get better results from your marketing campaigns. While some of these numbers, like Followers or Likes, are low-hanging fruit, other metrics can help you identify what’s working, improve lagging campaigns and generate more leads.

When a number is just a number

When measuring their performance on social media, many companies tend to look at the number of people who have indicated an interest in their brand. A high value is placed on these vanity metrics to illustrate the success of a brand. These metrics may include Page Likes on Facebook, Followers on Twitter, or Followers on Instagram – even the number of email subscribers. While these numbers can lead to more engagement, they are not necessarily a good indicator of how many users you are reaching in your campaigns. So, it’s important to dig deeper.

For a better idea of how many users are viewing your content, look at the performance of each post. The number of Impressions will give you a more realistic look at how many users your posts have reached, and other metrics such as link clicks or engagement rates will show you how well your content is performing. If the posts in your social strategy are not inspiring users to click through to your website, it may be time to make some changes to move the needle.

Focus on actionable analytics

With so many metrics available to marketers, there’s a wealth of data to choose from when forming a strategy or writing a report. Dig deeper to find the analytics that speak to the goals of your marketing campaigns, and find metrics that are actionable for your brand. What data will tell you if you’ve been successful with your call-to-action? What metrics will give you a full picture of whether or not your marketing campaign is a success?

On social media, it may be more effective to look at the competition, and try to recruit more followers for the same types of products to your brand. On the website, you’ll want to look for metrics like the bounce rate to see what users are leaving your website, the time spent on the webpage to measure engagement, and the types of information users are spending the most time with in terms of page views. Identify what works, provide one clear call-to-action, then streamline your efforts to make your digital marketing more targeted.

Bringing it all together

Another great place to track your marketing metrics is in your email campaigns. This digital communication is the link between your brand and an individual’s inbox, and it offers a way to connect subscribers to the website, to your social media channels and to your brand as a new customer. Ensure that the email campaigns you are sending are effective, by tracking open rates, link clicks and click-through-rates. Once you get a clear picture of how well each step along the way is working, you can create more effective digital marketing and lead more potential customers to that final step of lead conversion.