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Best Coffee Shops in Houston

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Sometimes you have to grab your loved ones, hold them close and tell them you love them. Would you believe us if we said we’re talking about our coffee mug?  Believe it or not, that ceramic bastion of life’s greatest elixir has long been relied on by the public relations and media industry. Call us histrionic, but coffee caffeinates our day with a can-do attitude and a smile. Today is National Coffee Day, so rather than write a love letter for my latte, I’m sharing some of my must-visit coffee spots around Houston.


Location: Montrose

Drink of Choice: Greek Coffee

From Greek drinks to Greek life, Agora is perfect for night owls. The coffee shop is rarely empty, packed from its 9 a.m. opening to its 2 a.m. finale. Inviting and quirky, the charming architecture of Agora makes it as welcoming as a close friend’s home. The vintage furniture, Greek paraphernalia, mismatched chairs and unintentionally creaking stairs will add a pleasantly antiquated vibe to your coffee shop experience.


Tout Suite

Location: EaDo

Drink of Choice: Flat White

Shall we call this one Tout Sweet? From saccharine macarons to delectable croissants, there’s a little bit of Paris in Houston. The trendy restaurant, bakery and coffee shop is tucked away in a 1904 warehouse on Commerce Street in East Downtown, right below the studio of DIY queen Ashley Rose, of Sugar and Cloth. Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage from the friendly staff and admire high ceilings, brick exposure and hand-lettered chalk ways galore.

Mercantile Montrose

Location: Montrose

Drink of choice: Cold brew

Is it a grocery store? Is it a coffee shop? Maybe a wine bar? We don’t know what to call Mercantile other than a hip outpost in West U. An ideal spot for working on the go, Mercantile has a friendly staff and strong coffee to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Boomtown Coffee

Location: The Heights

Drink of Choice: Mayan Mocha Toddy

Boomtown opened its doors in 2012 and has seamlessly become part of 19th street’s DNA. Nestled along with the endearing thrift shops and antique stores which make The Heights so unique, Boomtown Coffee is a quintessential hipster hangout spot.  The hyper-caffeinated brewing process makes the richest, and perhaps the strongest coffee in Houston.

The Honeymoon Café & Bar

Location: Downtown

Drink of choice: Dirty Chai Latte

If there’s a Downtown coffee shop that should not be missed, it’s Boomtown Coffee’s sister shop, The Honeymoon Café & Bar. Not only does The Honeymoon Café & Bar have a delicious menu of creative coffee drinks, but it also features full-on restaurant service. Treat yourself to a latte to-go and walk around Market Square Park with your brew in hand.