December 19, 2019 By BriteIdea

3 Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

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When you’re selecting the right digital marketing partner for your business needs, you can choose between hiring multiple boutique marketing agencies or a single full-service partner. Many SMB’s choose the latter because having a full-service digital marketing agency on your side has several benefits and can streamline all of your marketing efforts. Here are three key benefits of going full-service to consider as you determine the best solution when hiring an outside marketing agency.

1. You Get Better Account Services

When you partner with a full-service marketing agency, it’s our entire team’s job to know your business inside and out. You have access to a dedicated Account Executive and a full team who deeply understands your goals because they are the ones who have implemented a strategy to get you there. They come to the table with ideas that can impact your business as a whole. Partnering with a full-service digital marketing agency means you get an entire team of specialized experienced professionals, who act as an extension of your internal team, working on your project. Most small businesses don’t have the bandwidth to justify bringing on a full-time developer, full-time SEO expert, and full-time social media manager. However, a successful marketing strategy utilizes a multi-platform approach where you can have multiple hands working on their area of expertise. If you want to partner with a firm that can act as a member of your team — and understand your marketing needs as well as you do — a full-service agency would be the right investment for you.

2. You Benefit From Holistic Problem-Solving

Full-service digital marketing agencies have the capability to recommend the required marketing services your business needs. This means they’re more likely to provide multi-media solutions that will help you across the board rather than prescribing the specific solutions they offer. If you’re looking for skill diversification, reliability and scalability, choosing to partner with a full-service digital marketing agency might be the best way to grow your business and improve your marketing results. If you work with a specialized agency, be careful it’s not trying to sell you something just because that is the only thing they offer.

3. Your Procurement Processes Are Easier

For many businesses, the process of partnering with an outside vendor can be daunting. Getting through the proposal negotiations, onboarding and finalizing scopes can take months. Leading to lags between when you need marketing services and when you can actually get them. 

By partnering with a full-service agency, you won’t have to worry about finding multiple vendors and going through long onboarding processes, which means your marketing efforts can hit required deadlines and begin seeing results sooner.

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