October 26, 2015 By integrate

Behind the Scenes:  Integrate on the Move!

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Integrate is on the move…literally!  Earlier this month, part of our team officially moved into our additional office space, thanks to our expansion at 3801 Kirby Drive.  The highly anticipated move was well worth the wait as it brought in more space, which for us, means more room for creativity and productivity. 

With the addition of three new Integrate employees over the past two months alone, and another two rockstars on the way, our Integrate team was feeling a bit crowded, to say the least.  Desk space was limited, and having so many bodies in one office made taking important phone calls with members of the media or our clients a bit more difficult.

So what does our new space mean for the Integrate team? First, our original space now has an additional conference room and a brainstorming corner for our team members to take advantage of…with a cup of coffee and red hots, of course! Our downstairs space houses four of our team members and also features two conference and meeting spaces. We’re still working on decorating it, but feel free to visit in the meantime!

We are so excited to not only be growing our office, but to be expanding with more talented professionals, as well.  We all can’t wait to see what the future holds for Integrate, our new space and all of our employees…we know that our future is bright.