April 5, 2012 By blogging

Becoming the Leader of the Pack

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After seeing Keri Cook tweet the article “Why Great Leaders Are in Short Supply” by James S. Rosebush, we decided to take a deeper look into this so-called issue. To

summarize the article, it speculated that there were three problems with leaders in today’s society: the first was that the general public has too much access to information. With traditional media outlets like radio, TV, and print publications, being coupled with the power of the Internet, consumers are inundated with information all day, every day. The second issue was that leaders can only be seen as an extension of the institution that they represent, and the institution itself has often become disreputable. And finally, Rosebush states that many leaders do not have a strong foundation of upstanding moral principals which would allow them to navigate a business successfully. The article concluded with the fact that in this current age, good leaders have never been more valuable to businesses, both big and small.

After our discussion with Keri Cook, we were able to come to a clear and formidable opinion: while the “problems” discussed in the article do affect today’s leaders, we aren’t sure that we necessarily see them as problems. People having access to information about what you do and how you do it is not a problem if you are making sound and responsible decisions. We believe that the reputation of an organization more so depends on the people that run it, rather than just the individual leader.  Although these issues could definitely be considered “problems,” they sound more like challenges to us, and can ultimately help leaders evolve into the kind of leaders that are truly needed in this ever-changing landscape.