September 30, 2014 By integrate

Ashley’s Latest Obsessions

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There are certain things in life that make your days a little easier. And there are things that just make life a little more enjoyable.  Sharing is caring, so I’m sharing my latest obsessions that do just that.

1. My Erin Condren Planner and colored pens

It’s unlikely to find me without these two things in hand. I’m the queen of organization and color-coding, so naturally, a life planner is a necessity for me. Erin Condren’s planners are durable, stylish and most importantly, easy to organize. I jot down everything from client meetings to nail appointments and dinner plans and I do so with my color coordinated pen. I instantly know what is work related, what client I’m working on and can separate my personal life and work. I have a color for every client, a color for Integrate and a color for all things personal. Invest in organization, y’all!

2. Dreamdays App

While I still haven’t updated my iPhone to the iPhone 6, there is an app that I have on my phone that I just adore. Dreamdays is a countdown app that is stunningly beautiful and easy to use. With the holidays quickly approaching and many client events happening this fall, I love having an official countdown that is easily accessible on my phone. You can choose the event category, customize the background of each event and set it up as an annual occurrence. Download a lite version or upgrade to pro for $.99 in the iTunes app store.  A few events I’m counting down to at the moment include PRSA’s PR Day, the Houston Margarita Festival, my five-year anniversary with my BAE, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

3. Grammarly

This is a website and widget that makes writing and proofing a breeze.  Grammarly checks your spelling and grammar in real time as you work and catches more mistakes than an average word processor. Install a widget on your browser or use their amazing website to double-check your writing for errors. Grammarly underlines misspelled words or phrases that need editing and, then suggests the proper spelling or punctuation needed to make your sentence grammatically correct. For someone who relies on spell check and always questions when to use a comma, I say download it and give it a try!

While there are many of things that catch my attention or peak my interest at any given time, these are the few of the things I can’t live without at the moment! Hop on over to the Integrate Facebook page or send me a tweet letting me know what you’re obsessing over right now!