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Android App Scare!

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If you have an Android you’ll want to pay attention to this. Yesterday Google pulled 21 apps from its app store after it was discovered that they were malware by Android Police bloggers.

Malware’s goal is to get root access to a users device and therefore a wide variety of data. It will download code of your phone without you ever knowing.

Although Google was able to take the apps offline in a swift fashion, it has still been reported that at least 50,000 Android users have downloaded on or more of the viral apps.

The apps were knock-offs of already popular versions of apps available to Android. So if you were looking to download an Android favorite, you may have downloaded the malware version without knowing.

One of the apps was ‘Chess’. Once users downloaded it, instead of opening a chess game the malware would download all your users data and import more viral code into the device.

The real danger is if you have accessed your bank accounts online from your phone, or done any online shopping through the device. Any passwords, card numbers, etc that you may have entered, can be grabbed by the malware.

These are some of the other knock off apps containing malware:

If you’ve downloaded any of these recently you’ll want to talk to your provider ASAP. For a complete list of malware apps, visit the Mashable article.