February 25, 2016 By integrate

And the Grammy goes to… Social Media

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Now Kanye, we’re going to let you finish… but Taylor Swift had one of the best social media nights of all time!

Even if you didn’t catch the 2016 Grammy Awards last last week, you probably saw Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Album of the Year. How could you not? For a week straight, Taylor Swift’s apparent “dig” at Kanye West was one of the top trending topics. The video was shared by over one million people and resulted in not only Taylor receiving the most social media mentions during the award show, but also pushed her social media follower count through the roof! Yes, the #Grammys were full of well-dressed artists and celebrity gossip, but once again, the team at Integrate couldn’t help but notice how powerful social media was during a live event.

According to Neilson, this year’s Grammy Awards had an audience of 2.1K people watching, and a Twitter audience that generated over 76.1K tweets, creating 1.9 million impressions, and with the hashtag #grammys receiving nearly 30,000 mentions, how could your brand afford not to ride the #GrammyTrain? After the event, Engagement Labs, an aggregator of social media data, published its take on the night by ranking the 2016 Grammy-nominated artists based on their “eValue” score which measured engagement, impact and responsiveness on the top social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Among the top performing artists were Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, The Weeknd, Charlie Puth and, of course, Taylor Swift. Receiving this high e-value score, however, didn’t come without work. These artists had to put forth some effort to receive their scores. During the award show, Taylor Swift utilized her social media channels by frequently posting about every aspect of the night, starting with her red-carpet look and even interacting with other artists. Swift also posted behind the scenes content including her reaction to receiving all three of her Grammy’s. The wild success of her live-updates resulted in an additional 121,549 new Instagram fans and 67,701 new Twitter followers. 

Engagement Labs also scored the highest ranking sponsors of the Grammy’s, which included People Magazine and Intel.  Both brands tweeted and engaged with the #Grammys audience throughout the night, but in very different ways. People, a celebrity gossip outlet, posted updates and photos of the hottest celebrities before, during and after the award show. The result was hundreds of new followers and people tweeting at the magazine, proving once again that users crave behind-the-scenes action.   Intel, on the other hand, decided to take center stage. The technology company partnered with Lady Gaga for her tribute to late artist David Bowie. Leading up to the Grammy’s, Intel created several Facebook posts and tweets promoting a new software to be unveiled at Lady Gaga’s tribute. During the singer’s performance, Intel projected famous “Bowie make up” onto her face to showcase David Bowie’s most recognizable looks, a feat that was only possible through new Intel technology. During the event and in the weeks following it, Intel took full advantage of the different Grammy hashtags in each post, gaining more than a few of Lady Gaga’s thousands of followers by tagging her each time. Intel’s active voice on social media not only increased its followers across platforms, but also created substantial engagement and resulted in a lot of people talking about its new technology.

At Integrate, we always work to showcase that social media is not just a way to project to your audience, but, first and foremost, should be a platform to engage with them.  Social media followers want to be where the action is and what better way to take advantage of this desire than by posting live from an event?  These artists and brands understood this need for quick backstage content and their efforts paid off.