August 22, 2012 By blogging

An Unfortunate Event for LC

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Last week, one of our favorite celebrities around the office, Lauren Conrad, was in quite the PR predicament when she created a DIY project that involved destroying several children’s books from the popular Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events series. The offending video featured our darling LC ripping the spines from the books to be used as decoration for baskets. Once fans of the books caught wind of the video, angry emails prompted the DIY queen to take down her post.

Was this the right thing to do? While Conrad was slammed for being an author who decimated books, was the anger well-deserved? From a PR standpoint, we believe the error was made when the Conrad camp declined to comment on the incident, offering no plausible explanation for the video being removed from the site.

At IntegratePR we understand that the Internet is a place where instant reactions are often necessary and welcomed, although we would always recommend providing a statement in a crisis situation like this one. While it’s difficult for us to choose sides, we would like to point out that in fact, many people re-purpose old books.

Do you think that it’s OK to deface books? With the prevalence of e-readers  do you think that repurposing print editions into art will gain popularity? Let us know by starting a conversation on our Facebook or Twitter.