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Align with Olympians Online!

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With less than 100 days to go, excitement for the London 2012 Olympics continues to mount! As with many large-scale events, the chatter and buzz has also been growing online, and for the first time in the history of the Olympics, directors have planned an initiative to aggregate all of the online chatter about the games.

The Olympic Athlete’s Hub is a way for any spectator to become involved in the online conversation about the Olympics by providing a steady stream of tweets from each of the Olympian’s verifiable accounts. You can search the hub for your favorite athlete, country and even sporting event. The site also allows users a mini-social network (which you can connect to your Facebook or Twitter account – points to them for having the foresight not to necessitate creating an entirely new online profile!) that lets them interact with other users that share a similar affinity for the games!

The site is not just a way to connect however, an Olympics spokesperson explained that “the more athletes users ‘like’ on Facebook or follow on Twitter through the site, the more points they receive, accumulating prizes such as virtual gold, silver and bronze medals.” During the games, users will also be able to stream events in real time.

While this idea seems to have nothing but the best outcomes in mind, a potential liability could be the PR crisis that generally ensues when some one misspeaks on Facebook or more noticeably, on Twitter. Countless celebrities, political figures and even athletes have become embroiled in crisis situations due to something that was said via their Twitter handle. While thoughts on private pages are attributed to the person in charge of the account, would the Olympics be responsible for handling the situation?

The idea to capitalize on the public’s interest in live broadcast events that draw high volumes of audiences is something that we’ve seen over the course of the past year during fashion shows, The Superbowl, and even the State of the Union address! As an agency specializing in integrating social media tactics into traditional PR practices, the more we see organizations adapt these practices, the more excited we get! Is there any event or large-scale organization that you would like to see develop a strong social media presence in the years to come?