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Olympians and Social Media

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With 36 days to go until the commencement of the Summer Olympics, we’ve told you how we’re “aligning with Olympians online.” The central hub created by the Olympic organization is a one-stop resource for taking a behind the scenes look at Olympians via their Facebook pages and Twitter handles. However, have some athletes been doing more tweeting than training? In two separate recent cases athletes have been put in the limelight for their social media escapades.

Rebecca Adlington is a two-time gold medalist from Great Britain. A long time tweeter, she recently decided to abstain from the social networking site after several rude comments about her physical appearance were sent to her account. Although she says that she will never quit the site, she has decided to take a break from the site for the duration of the games. In a slightly similar situation, Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk of the Australian National Swim team recently posted a picture of themselves with guns on their personal twitter accounts prompting the Australian Olympic committee to suspend their use of the social networking site for the duration of the games.

Are these athletes drowning in their social media? One of the best features of sites such as Twitter and Facebook is the transparency that allows us to get an inside look at the lives of celebrities whom we may otherwise know nothing about. Unfortunately, their elevated status means that they are more susceptible to online trolls who are more than happy to bring negative comments to the table. Their elevated status also means that like it or not, they are placed in a position where their personal activities reflect upon the organization that they represent. Therefore they must each knowledgably brand themselves in a similar fashion as an organization would. Social media is a field that is constantly evolving and professionals must teach their clients to adapt the way that they utilize each channel on a personal level to fit to work with their organization’s. Will any other athletes get into hot water? We’ll keep you updated!