September 2, 2014 By integrate

Achieve Ultimate Zen in Your Social Community

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Just like my boy JT said: what goes around comes around. This is especially true when it comes to social media. By being an actively engaged participant in your community’s social content, you can almost guarantee a positive impression. This impression in turn motivates those members of your community to respond back to your posts as well. This has shown to be the golden rule of social media success.

Although this practice may seem like a no-brainer, it’s something that can quickly fall off business’ radars when creating your own awesome content is not a primary focus.

Get organized

Gather your team around and list what other brands, industries and specific businesses it makes sense to interact with on social media. Then research your plan of attack; qualify what platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) you should use for this engagement and what types of conversations the audiences are looking for answers on. It get’s a little sticky when dealing with competitors so be sure to distinguish between direct competition and business should be in the “friend zone.” On that note, just as it is important to get organized and create a list of your targeted brands, it may also be good practice to build a list of businesses to avoid when engaging.

Start spreading the love

Once you’ve done your homework and created a plan of attack, start spreading the love. Login to your brand’s Facebook page and seek out the pages and updates you want to comment on. A good rule of thumb is to focus primarily on brand-owned content and not necessarily curated news or content (i.e. a big announcement or release)

If your brand is an expert in something, have them weigh in! Let your expertise show through by sharing helpful tips, advice, facts and figures and guidance in your field with others to establish your brand as a thought leader.


Keep it consistent

Make this practice a habit every day —if you segment out a part of your day dedicated to engaging with others, it won’t get lost in the shuffle of the rest of your daily activities. Remember to be authentic to your brand’s voice, tone and mission and definitely keep the conversation going with people who comment back in response to your initial engagement. At Integrate, we try and respond within two hours of the original comment.

Reap the benefits

Not that you’re a karma master and you’re getting sized up for your new monk robe, be prepared to reap the benefits. Your social media community will soon return the favor, most of the time in greater ways than you expect. This will lead to the biggest gift of all: a loyal following who is coming to YOU for information and opinions, and happens to be falling in love with your brand and what you have to sell.

See how easy that was? 

Written by: Sonny Patton