December 21, 2015 By integrate

A Publicist’s Holiday Wish List

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If you’ve taken a look at our Pinterest page recently, you can see that we’ve been busy at Integrate this year, so it’s safe to say that the team is on Santa’s nice list! With the holidays quickly approaching, we’ve put together a list of gifts any PR pro would love to receive during the holidays.

Portable phone charger

Whether we’re sending emails or live tweeting during an event, PR and social media pros are always draining the life from their phones. With an increasing ability to manage email and social accounts from our smart phones, a portable charger is a great gift to help us keep our phones charged when an outlet isn’t around.

Coffee Shop gift card

It’s no secret that we love our coffee. So a pre-paid gift card to one of our favorite local coffee shops is the perfect present or stocking stuffer. We’re big fans of local spots like Blacksmith, Siphon and Catalina Coffee, and of course, our client, Three Brothers Bakery, and always jump at the opportunity to get out of the office for a little pick-me-up with clients.


PR can be a pretty stressful industry; we are always on the go, attending events, meeting with members of the media and making magic happen for clients. To be able to sit still for a minute (while being pampered) is a treat any PR pro would love to have.

We also have an alternative list full of wishes we wouldn’t mind being granted in a perfect PR world:

An easy explanation of what PR is.

We develop creative strategies, work with media to make sure our clients are constantly top of mind and in their stories, coordinate client segments and write compelling content, just to name a few of the elements in a public relations professional’s job description. With so many aspects to our profession, it becomes tricky trying to explain what is it that we do. With numerous clients under our belt, no day is the same. Everyday working in PR requires critical thinking and being flexible enough to find a solution.

Surprise coverage and mentions from journalists and influencers raving about your client.

Hey, it’s the holidays; everyone is in the giving spirit!

List of every publication’s 2016 editorial calendar

Knowing what a publication plans on covering month to month is a great advantage for agencies on both a local and national level. Editorial calendars give us the opportunity to pitch properly so that we can secure coverage for our clients while giving writers and editors the leads they are looking for.

So whether you’re buying a gift for the PR pro in your life or thinking of a gift for yourself, the holidays are a time for giving and spreading joy. Let us know – what’s on your PR wish list this year?