February 24, 2011 By blogging

A Disney Social Network

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Many of us grew up with Disney in some form or fashion. You might be interested to know that the Walt Disney Company has purchased a social network designed for children called Togetherville.

The network was launched in May of last year and is geared for children 10 years of age and under. It is not the first social network designed for children, but it sets itself apart by setting up parent-child interactions online.

Not only will parents have full control over their child’s account and online activity, but they can also post messages to their wall, give them a virtual allowance and send them virtual gifts.

The new acquisition is a powerful addition to Disney’s online portfolio. Disney has been slowly collecting children’s online gaming site in the past few years. Disney has not released a specific goal for their online collection, but no doubt it is lucrative as it is.

The purchase also indicates the new demand that has opened up in the digital world for social media that appeals to children. By law, children are not legally entitled to a Facebook account.

It’s an interesting demand and one that has brought on pro and con arguments from all sides. What are your thoughts? Was this a good purchase by Disney, is this a good shift in the demand for social media?