September 30, 2015 By integrate

A Client’s Response to Stephen Colbert

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By now, we have a feeling you’ve already heard what Stephen Colbert has to say about our dear city. If you haven’t, we’ll bring you up to speed. During last Tuesday’s Late Show, Colbert made a dig at Houston, when he described Rick Perry’s departure from the 2016 presidential race, with the following sentiment:

Our friends at KHOU were just as displeased as we were with Colbert’s insult. The news crew challenged Houstonians to show the Late Show host what makes our city so great by recommending items to send Colbert in a Houston-centric care package that the station would be mailing him. By the way, these remarks came after Colbert aired promos with the KHOU team dishing on why he loves Houston, with NASA being his frontrunner. A little strange…and insulting, huh?

The Integrate team members who work on behalf of our bakery client, Three Brothers Bakery, knew the bakery would want to get involved, especially since they’ve been serving the Houston community for 65 years. Not only would Three Brothers Bakery want to get their products, namely their famous Pumpecapple Piecake and pecan pie, in front of the celebrity and his national audience, but we knew they’d want the Houston audience to continue to see, and experience, what makes them so special, as well.

That’s where we came in! Members of the Integrate team got word of KHOU’s plan after they saw a post on KHOU’s Facebook page asking for additions to the package. Social media team member, Marshall, commented on the post that Three Brothers items were a necessity. Next, the team swiftly worked with the bakery team to ensure that they could create a Pumpecapple Piecake overnight. Allison picked up the piecake, as well as a pecan pie, from the bakery the next morning at 5:30 AM to deliver the desserts to KHOU in time for the first segment of the day. She then made sure the piecake made it back to the bakery in one piece so that the bakery could ship it off to Colbert’s studio. Fingers crossed that Colbert loves the Piecake as much as other national outlets like Yahoo and Good Morning America have.

Fortunately for the bakery, and for our hardworking team members, their extra hours and speedy response worked! Three Brothers Bakery’s pecan pie was included in KHOU’s response to Colbert in six different segments last week.

You’ve probably heard people say that public relations is a fast-paced industry, where every day brings a new challenge and opportunity. Hopefully we’ve given you just a glimpse of what makes this so true!

So with that, we say “Take that, Colbert!” Integrate and Three Brothers Bakery will proudly rep Houston for life!

Written By Jenny Gustafson