May 6, 2011 By blogging

A Circus Success!

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Who as a child didn’t look forward to a day under the Big Top? We here at integrate definitely have a few childhood memories of clowns, elephants and popcorn!

In honor of those beloved memories today we bring you a PR success story we thought was pretty neat, because it centers on spreading the magic of the Barnum & Bailey Circus and the Disney on Ice show.

The goal was to create advance publicity for the renowned circus and ice show. They decided to develop a strategy that would help both the circus and the community it was going to perform for.

They developed an educational program in the area involving some of the performers. A clown named Cowboy Mike, from the circus, and the Wicked Witch of the West, from the ice show, went to local schools in the weeks leading up to the arrival of the shows in the area.

The performers would go to the schools and present material that had been developed in coordination with the national Reading is FUNdamental program chaired by former first Lady Laura Bush.

When school let out they continued their educational effort at local libraries and recreation centers. They were careful to focus on a geographical variety as well as change up their time of day so that the program would be available to a variety of children.

Ultimately their efforts resulted in radio and television coverage as well as extensive coverage by the local community newspapers. They showed an increase in pre-show ticket sales. The program also generated great feedback from parents in the community and the Barnum & Bailey and Disney on Ice shows were a huge success!

When we found out about this PR success story, we definitely wanted to share because it shows how effective public relations tactics can not only help your client, but also serve the community around you.