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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Influencer Event

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This article was originally drafted for by our CEO, Robbie Wright. See the original here.

The demand for securing events that include social media influencers has grown with the rise of influencers on social media. People follow social influencers for their honest, unfiltered opinions. The communities they are a part of are built on trust, which lends credibility to your marketing campaign: Positive, organic word-of-mouth recommendations from a reputable source are invaluable.

And while this shift away from traditional public relations can seem daunting to navigate at first, it offers us a wider audience base to work with beyond reporters and journalists.

A key part of our business is holding influencer events. A recent influencer event we did for a local, experiential, indoor skydiving business led to more than 1.4 million media and social impressions and left us with a few notable takeaways.

Create A ‘Wow Factor’

Influencers are bombarded with free events, so it can be challenging to get on their radar. During the planning stages, be sure to ask yourself, “What’s going to make busy, in-demand influencers attend our event over someone else’s?”

Target The Right Audience

When planning your event, it’s important to make sure you’re telling the right people about it. When our team was trying to find the right people to reach for our event, we went down the rabbit hole on Instagram, scouring relevant hashtags and seeking out local influencers. Something to keep in mind when looking for influencers is not to rule out certain niches or those with more modest followings. Because we partnered with a local restaurant for our influencer event, we were able to pitch the event to food bloggers as well, which we may have overlooked otherwise.