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5 Things to Avoid in Your Company Blog

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So while scanning the web today, we came upon a great article with tips on the 5 things you want to be careful about in your company’s blog. Since we are obviously big bloggers here at integratePR, we thought we would share these tips with you.

1)   Don’t Start Without a Strategy

Blogs are powerful tools, even if they’re just getting started. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that no one reads your blog yet. Even if you don’t have a lot of readers, those readers are still important. They could go on to be future clients, or spread your blog within their social network—increasing your readership. So make sure you put some thought into what you post and how you want your company to come across on the blog.

2)   Don’t Make It All About You

Blogs are not self-serving tools; if you use your blog as a press section, you will turn away readers. Think about what your audience wants, and think beyond your own company. For example, on our blog we are constantly keeping you up to date on the going-ons of the social media and digital world as a whole. Write posts that are relevant to the industry, you have to see the big picture beyond just your company. Granted, don’t be afraid to post updates on company activity, especially if it’s exciting or unique—people do love an inside look at a company, it humanizes a business to its audience. The key is to keep a balanced variety of posts up on your blog, and to make sure that they are relevant and interesting to your reader; not dry technical statistics or product pitches.

3)   Link! Link! Link!

Don’t be afraid to link to other sites or articles in your blog. While you don’t want to take away from your blog, you do want o maintain your credibility with your readers. Linking lets them know you are well researched on current events, and it also gives them the ability to seek out more information should they want it. Also, even if you don’t link, cite it! We’re addicted to Mashable and cite it all the time so that you can go to the csite yourself if you like. And lastly, don’t forget to link yourself! Make it easy for readers to find their way to your home page and to learn more about your company.

4)   Be Yourself.

Don’t be afraid to have a human tone in your blogs, you’re not a robot! By that same token, don’t blog about personal matters that are not appropriate for the blog. Blog about what you know, that way your blogs are comfortable and relevant in some way to your company and your audience.

5)   Don’t Ignore Social Media

Social media is a great tool to leverage and spread the word about your blog. If you increase your use of social media in promoting your blog you can drive more traffic to the blog. Also, you can generate more interaction with your audience when they comment on posts or retweet a link. These not only spread your blog among networks but also can generate online conversations.

So if your company is maintaining a blog or you’re thinking about starting a blog, keep these things in mind. Blogs can be a useful addition to a company if they’re done right.