April 22, 2019 By BriteIdea

What to Expect from SEO in 2019

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If you read our blog about SEO last year, you know that SEO practices are ALWAYS changing. It’s easy to think of SEO as a moving target. Because of this, strategists respond to frequent algorithm changes by the major search engines while trying to remain ahead of the competition, but there are some key things you can keep in mind to make sure the right traffic gets to your website. In 2019, it’s about producing the best content possible — in the way, your potential audience wants to receive it.

1. Content Medium Matters

Among SEO experts (like us!), there’s talk of video, images, and text-based content, but not everyone is appropriate for your business. Each industry has a type of content that web searchers typically look for. For example, some repair companies might have written tips on maintenance, but also post how-to videos.

In order to rank, search your targeted keywords and see what shows up. If you get a lot of visual hits, create more visual content in order to be competitive. Likewise, if text-based pages have more authority, develop that content. The idea always is to give your potential customers exactly what they are seeking.

2. Answers to Questions

Your content has to have relevance. It’s not always easy to determine what people want to know about your particular topic. Your day-to-day interactions with customers are a good starting point. Use the topics they ask about to start to build frequently asked questions.

But only speaking to your existing customers excludes everyone who has yet to find your company. To know what they want, you can use the Google hive to bring up a list of related searches. A tool like AnswerThePublic is an excellent resource to find common queries. Develop your content, text and visual, around those topics.

3. Brand Identity

Search engines favor authoritative online voices. Google’s page quality rater guidelines provide direction for the people hired to evaluate the relevance of search results. One factor they look at is the authority of the website author. That includes that reputation of the company behind the website. Google looks for independent assessments of authority, not just reviews you post on your own site.

You can improve your authority by integrating your brand throughout the internet. Partner with influencers, post meaningful content on other sites and send the signal that you are a noted figure in your industry. Over time, your authority should develop organically.

4. Think Beyond the Search Engine

Much of SEO is focused on Google. This is essential, but it’s only a starting point. Amazon and Apple are increasingly powerful players in the search results game. That’s particularly true if you are selling a product that customers can order through Amazon. You want those shoppers to find you in the haystack of millions of listings.

It’s key to optimize SEO for Google. But don’t forget to put time and care into your Amazon and Apple listings. That means in-depth keyword research and strong product descriptions, as well as a competitive price in order to rank.

5. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

For years now, Google has emphasized the need for all websites to be mobile friendly. As a result, mobile-first indexing means that it is this version of the site that Google uses to determine rank. The decision to prioritize mobile is connected to the overarching trend of promoting superior user experience. Today, most internet users access the web through smartphones, not desktop.

Now, there’s talk of progressive web apps, an integrated mobile experience where your site is a functional app. It’s not necessary to overthink this one, but keeping the strategy of positive user experience — on desktop or mobile — is key to SEO in 2019.

You can improve your SEO by giving users the content they want in an easy-to-access format. You want to meet your users where they are so it’s easy for them to find you. Instead of getting caught up in the details, ask yourself if your site is useful and relevant. If so, the hits should follow as a matter of course.

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