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2022 Pinterest Marketing Trends

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Many of us discovered the Pinterest platform years ago, and we quickly racked up tons of do-it-yourself pins, fashion inspiration, and recipes. In the beginning of 2020, however, with many of us staying at home, Pinterest began to experience a resurgence as a social media platform. In fact, there are now over 450 million active users Pinterest users each month. 

Unlike many other social media platforms, what sets Pinterest apart is that a majority of users possess a “ready-to-buy” attitude, frequenting the platform when planning and making purchasing decisions. Additionally, within the United States, 80% of millennial women and 40% of millennial men are regularly active on Pinterest, with the largest group being women from ages 25-34 years of age¹. That’s good news- nearly 70-80% of women influence consumer spending. 

If you aren’t currently making room for Pinterest in your marketing strategy, now is the perfect time to start. Keep reading to learn about key trends and tools for Pinterest.

Take Advantage of Less Competition

Compared to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which are a bit more saturated, Pinterest is not heavily used as a marketing tool. Because of this, there is less competition to capture more eyes on your brand. Unlike some other platforms, your brand doesn’t have to be big to be successful on Pinterest. In fact, about 97% of all Pinterest searches are unbranded, making it a great place to advertise if you are starting from scratch.

Become a Storyteller

Pinterest is an amazing place to set yourself apart from others by organically showcasing the identity and story of your brand. One of your first steps should be curating a board of your brand’s story. While you can certainly post your own unique content, Pinterest encourages you to re-pin additional outside content that may align with your brand. Pinning outside content will also generate more organic interaction with your following.

Get In Touch With Trends

Within the past few years, Pinterest has launched its Trends tool. If you aren’t sure where to start, use this tool for inspiration. It will help you to gauge what topics may appeal to your potential audience. You can also use it to search for different keywords, see what’s trending with the masses at that particular moment, and discover how popular a search term is relative to other search terms on Pinterest. Additionally, you’ll gain insight in to how popular search terms were over the past year, so you’ll know when people are interested in and pinning specific topics your users may be interested in.

Continue to be Adaptable

Like many social platforms, Pinterest is constantly adding updates and tools to help improve the user and creator experience. For instance, one tool gaining popularity is Idea Pins. Idea pins are a multi-page video/image format for sharing high-quality, long-lasting content or product ideas directly to Pinterest (almost like Stories on Instagram). Pinterest is choosing to prioritize these Idea Pins, which leads to an increase in followers, your profile, and ultimately traffic to the brand website. Similarly, Video Pins and Pinterest TV are becoming increasingly popular, so getting in front of the camera may be necessary in order to drive traffic to your brand. 

Pinterest is a uniquely visual platform, and provides versatile, affordable, and impactful ways to create an emotional attachment to your brand. It’s the perfect place to showcase your brand, business, and products to an engaged marketplace with plenty of spending power. 

Not sure where to start? Read our blog post on the basics of Pinterest here or contact us today to schedule your complimentary 1-hour consultation with us. 


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