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2020 SEO Trends To Increase Visibility

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The SEO landscape is very dynamic. The ever-changing world of online search is continuously evolving as algorithms change. This year, Google announced several updates in an effort to be an end destination of its user’s journeys. As online competition continues to increase and new websites are launching, it’s time to invest in SEO and think about your content marketing strategy. To not get left in the dust, we’ve rounded up some of the top 2020 SEO Trends.



Over the past couple of years, Google has evolved to deliver a better search experience for the user, like Featured Snippets. Featured Snippets usually appear above the number one organic search results and will be in the top 2020 SEO Trends. To take advantage of this feature and drive more clicks to your website by providing clear answers commonly asked on your website. The placement of the Featured Snippet draws almost half of all the clicks generated from the first page of search results. Featured Snippets are evaluated and boosted to the top based on their quality, which is evaluated by Google’s algorithm. 


The first experience can be the last experience. In this age of instant gratification, having a slow loading speed time on your site could be detrimental to your SEO. Optimize your website speed and performance to avoid people bouncing from your site due to frustration. Here are a few elements on your site to check: 


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We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. Businesses can no longer afford to not have a mobile responsive version of their website. Not having a mobile version may cause a huge loss of users in the coming years. Mobile web pages have been a growing trend that will only become more vital in 2020. Studies have shown that 4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches from their mobile devices. In fact, searches on smartphones are 88% while searches on computers and tablets combined make up 84%. This statistic means that it is crucial to have a responsive version for your website to not miss out on reaching these potential customers interested in your product or service. 



Video has been a trendy buzzword for most of 2019, and it isn’t going away as we enter the new year. According to Google, 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. The rise of YouTube has changed the landscape of video content. Internet users, especially Millennials and Gen Z, prefer to get their information through online videos. Whether it be for academic purposes or just entertainment – video has power. For these reasons, adding quality videos to your site can help attract many users. But how does this tie back into 2020 SEO trends? To reach more people with your videos, you need to optimize it for search users. Optimize your videos by using appropriate keywords in the description and headline of your video. This will guarantee that the video reaches the most significant number of people who are interested in that subject.



Similar to the rise of video over the last year, we have also seen a growing trend of voice search. As more and more homes have smart devices like Alexa and Google Home Assistants, we’ll continue to see an increase in voice search. It is projected that more than 50% of all internet searches will be conducted using voice search. The key to knowing how to optimize your website for voice search is identifying the conversational key search terms and implementing them in your SEO strategy. Voice search affects SEO in that people are starting their searches by asking a question via voice rather than entering their search query into a search engine. This, in turn, has led to voice search terms becoming more conversational and targeted. On the search engine’s side, it must do a lot more work to the relevant information a user is looking for at that moment with their voice search, making short choppy keywords not so important anymore.


SEO can feel like an ever-evolving beast, but staying ahead of the trends could have a significant payoff for your business! There is no denying that SEO is essential for your business regardless of your industry. If you’re already familiar with these trends, then that’s great! Now is the time to double-down and start implementing these practices to generate more targeted traffic from Google. If you still have questions, don’t fret! Contact us for a complimentary consultation. Allow our SEO experts to craft an SEO strategy that will prove your site to be a credible source to search engines and increase quality traffic.