October 31, 2013 By blogging

100 Days of Anticipation

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Happy Halloween everyone! The IPR office has certainly been celebrating. From our 2nd Annual Desk Decorating Competition (congrats to this year’s winners, Jenny and Mary) to the range of costumes today, the office has not been letting the downpour get us down.

We’ve been eyeing another set of outfits, as well. The Integrate team agrees that the new Ralph Lauren designs for the Olympics are fabulous. On that note, yesterday marked 100 days until the winter Olympics in Sochi. If you are like some of us here in the office, and most of America, it will be time to set the DVR to record each and every event so you don’t miss a patriotic second of the games.

The thought of 100 days got us thinking; there’s a lot to look forward to in the next 100 days! We have the second round of Halloween celebrations this weekend, Thanksgiving and Hanukah next month, Christmas in December, and New Years. Christmas decorations are already up in River Oaks and Highland Village, and Starbucks has debuted their winter cups. It’s all happening too fast! The Olympics will be the icing on the cake for the holiday season. And those are just holidays – we have client events to consider, as well.

If the next 100 days prove to be as busy as the previous, we are in for a whirlwind holiday season! We’ve been plenty busy with Bayou City Art Festival, Houston Margarita Festival, The UP Experience 2013, Houston’s First Combustible Dance Fest sponsored by MATCH, a groundbreaking for the Vargos on the Lake apartment community, the new openings of two Menchie’s locations and events at M PENNER, to name a few, that we consider ourselves Olympians in our own right.

As we prepare to bring on what the rest of the year will throw our way, we want to know: What will you do in the next 100 days? Share with us on Twitter and Facebook!