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10 Traits of an Effective Website

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Integrate explains the 10 effective traits of a webiste

Your Website is the Single Most Important Sales Tool in Your Arsenal


If your website was a member of your sales team, would you rehire or fire it? Is it doing its job and meeting business goals? Does it give users a compelling story that convinces them to take the next step or convert? Does it take too many coffee breaks? Does it come in late and leave early?



Of course… we’re kidding with those last two.



We realize it might seem odd to anthropomorphize your website and make an inanimate object a member of your animate and very human sales team. But if we had to choose the single most important marketing tool at your disposal, it would hands-down be your website. 


That’s not to knock your sales or marketing teams, because they are vital to your organization’s success — just in a different way. The difference between your sales team and your website is that the latter is your online brand ambassador, a digital version of a front desk person for users interested in your services. Your website is a key initial touchpoint for your audience, which is why it’s so important that you put your best foot forward. 


So, why not take a quick look at its performance?



Integrate infographic - 10 traits of an effective website


The bottom line: If your website isn’t checking all these boxes, it’s all right — don’t fire it just yet! Or, if you’ve checked them all, then I’m glad we can confirm your awesomeness, rock on! Developing a great site doesn’t happen overnight, but it may be time to give your most important sales tool a boost. 


Which leads us to our next question: How much are we talking here?


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