With a knack for engaging with any audience, passion for the ever-changing communications field and an uniquely enthusiastic look on life, Allie is able to convey her expertise to others. As true experts in the communications space, Allie and our team will speak to, encourage and inspire those looking to learn more about public relations, social media and/or marketing and how to use various tools and tactics to benefit their businesses or to advance in their careers. 

Whether you are looking for someone to hold the stage for a crowd of five or five hundred, we have you covered.


Social Media: 

~ Social Media 101 (Basic Steps to Create a Presence on Social Media for Your Business)

~ Producing Engaging Social Media Content For Your Audiences

~ Social Media Strategy Development 

~ Building A Community Using Social Media 

~ Online Reputation Management (Social Media & Review Sites Best Practices) 

~ Social Media Advertisement (When & How to Spend Your Dollars) 

~ Online Employee Engagement (Teaching Employees How to Support Your Communications Efforts Through Their Personal Social Media Accounts) 

~ LinkedIn For Businesses (Personal and Business Use) 

~ Individual Social Media Channel Tutorials, including:

~ Facebook

~ Instagram

~ LinkedIn

~ Pinterest

~ SnapChat

~ YouTube


Public Relations: 

~ Media Training & Spokesperson Development

~ Responding, Planning & Managing a Crisis 

~ Finding Your Business' Hook (Knowing What's Newsworthy & Understanding the Media's Needs)

~ Public Relations Pitching & Press Release Distribution 101

~ Relationship Building with Members of the Media

~ Thought Leadership (How to Consistently Get Your Executives in the News) 



~ Power of Blogging for SEO

~ Investing in Marketing When the Economy is Down

~Marketing Gets Your Customer Through the Door (Your Client/Business Needs to Keep Them There)

~ Social Media Advertising: Should It Be Considered "Social Media" or "Advertising?” 

~ Aligning Marketing/PR Strategies

~ Pros of Letting Your Agency Handle All Aspects of Marketing & Communications

~ Marketing for Acquisition & Retention



Interested in booking Allie or another member of the team for an upcoming panel, event or speaking opportunity?

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