Goode Company BBQ



Family-owned and operated since 1977, Goode Company is a Houston staple and the authority on all things Texas cooking. Integrate saw an opportunity to position Levi Goode, president of Goode Company BBQ, as the leading authority on Texas lifestyle in order to better communicate their food and cooking products nationwide. For Goode Company BBQ’s 35th anniversary, rather than celebrating with a giant blow-out party or an in-store promotion, Integrate decided to launch the Goode Company Texas Tour, bringing fans on Facebook to Levi’s favorite spots around Texas, thus positioning Levi as a Texas lifestyle expert. In conjunction with this, Integrate would increase awareness, which would lead to online sales from inside and outside of Texas.


Integrate recognized that when Texans leave the Lone Star State, they take it with them in the way that they speak, how they cook, the way they dress, and, especially, in their pride. Integrate wanted to be able to communicate to this particular audience about the fact that no matter where they were, they could be a part of this campaign by seeing Texas through Goode’s eyes. Integrate also wanted to be sure to include people that already knew about Goode Company in this campaign, since the restaurant group prides itself on its loyal customers and fan base. Lastly, making sure national barbeque fanatics were included was important to Integrate because these influencers shape the nation’s view on BBQ trends and happenings inside and outside the state of Texas.

In early 2012, Facebook announced that 30 percent of its users have participated in a contest on a Facebook platform. Knowing that the goal was to drive traffic to the brand’s Facebook page so that Integrate could continue communicating with Goode Company’s audience, a contest was a great option. However, it was important to make sure that the contest was bringing traffic that would be interested in Goode’s messages about Texas lifestyle, versus bringing contestants to the page for a flashy prize and see them leave once that contest ended. Giving away trips to exclusive spots around Texas was the proposed prize – something that only someone who is interested in Goode Company’s mission would care to participate in.

This was primarily a social media campaign, supported by traditional PR efforts, with a full effort to drive online traffic from across the country to the Goode Company Facebook page. Goode Company offered fans of the page the chance to win a trip for two to Levi’s favorite exclusive spots around Texas.

To implement the idea of Texas Tour, in January 2012, Integrate created a strategic social media and public relations plan and developed internal messaging, official rules, press releases, in-store promotional materials, social media editorial calendar and messaging, and a timeline for the Texas Tour to launch on March 1, 2012. Integrate teamed up with a local artist to create unique campaign posters and branding for the campaign. Additionally, Integrate worked with Southwest Airlines on a voucher trade, confirmed collateral to distribute at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and collaborated with Levi to develop itineraries for each city, which included lodging, meals, and entertainment for the winner and their guest.


Integrate launched the campaign by sending out press releases and targeted pitches to both national and local media outlets. Furthermore, they made contacts with media in each city where the contest’s winners were visiting to alert them of the campaign and encourage Facebook “likes” and engagement from their city.

Additionally, Integrate promoted the Texas Tour on Goode Company’s social media platforms, and partnered with the businesses in each of the visiting cities to encourage them to promote this on their social media channels, as well. The winners were announced on the company’s Facebook page, and after each trip, Integrate uploaded pictures of the winner enjoying Texas traditions with Levi to the page to further encourage contest entries and to spread the message of Goode Company’s Texas roots.

In nine months, from March 2012 through November 2012, six fans and their guests from around the country won a chance to visit one of six Texas towns with Levi Goode, owner and namesake of Goode Company, as their official tour guide. Locations included Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Gruene, Round Top and Houston. Goode Company provided the accommodations, transportation, food and entertainment at each of the stops along the Tour, with additional activities donated by the local businesses.

More than 5,000 people participated in the Texas Tour contest from around the country. The first month, 70% of the applications were from inside of Texas and as the contest continued, awareness grew and submissions increased. By November, only 32% of submissions came from Texas residents. The remaining applications were from around the country, proving enhanced awareness nationwide throughout the contest. Goode Company’s Facebook page likes increased from 1,924 in February 2012 to more than 4,800 as of November 2012. Goode Company’s average monthly website traffic doubled in 2012, with out of state visitors nearly four times what they were at the start of the year.