Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas Houston



Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, as the name implies, has a plethora of beers on tap as well as made-to-order specialty menu items, and passionately combines patrons’ love of movies, beers and food. 

When the Texas Legislature passed legislation that prohibited liquor-licensed businesses from allowing beer growlers, beer-enthusiasts across the state were up in arms, especially Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's customers and its Beer Passport members, who were once growler owners. The company decided to take action to bring the growlers back and support Open the Taps to do so. 


With the intent of increasing awareness, raising money to hire a lobbyist and showing Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s beer fans that they heard the feedback and opinions and were fighting the fight on their behalf, an Open the Taps fundraising event at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's Mason Park location was planned for May. Integrate recruited five local breweries to participate by donating a keg to the event, including No Label, Saint Arnold, Buffalo Bayou, Karbach, and 8th Wonder.

Pint glasses, which were being sold on the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas Houston website for $10, served as guests’ ticket to the event, and Integrate included a link to the “ticket” sale on all marketing collateral. Integrate posted the event to online event calendars to help spread the word, and reached out to food and beer writers and bloggers for the event. By explaining what Open the Taps is, and why Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas Houston partnered with them for the event, media quickly caught onto the excitement surrounding this issue. 

As an additional invitation to the event, and as a way to better capture media's attention, Integrate created personalized craft beer-themed media drops for some of the larger publications and TV stations. These media drops included a six-pack carton containing one beer from each participating brewery, an Open the Taps pint glass, the printed event graphic and a hand-written note - all delivered the Monday before the event. Media was very excited to receive the craft brews and tweeted about their gift.


The Open the Taps fundraising event was scheduled to begin at 6 p.m., but guests began arriving as early as 5 p.m., which was a true testament to the success of the event.

Nearly 70 people attended the event and Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas was able to gain almost 50 new email subscribers. The event ended up being a packed house, of the specific target audience, creating the largest crowd at the Mason Park location’s beer garden to date.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s Open the Taps fundraising event received over 25,000,000 views in media circulation and much more through social media. Most pleasingly, multiple people said they heard about the event through these media placements. Each article was extremely in-depth, thoughtful and important for Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s and Open the Taps’ missions.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s top priority of showing fans that it is actively working to bring growlers back, and that their feedback is taken to heart, was met. Additionally, the Beer Passport members, many of which brought their own growlers or pint glasses to the event, were most excited to be part of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s mission to bring back the growlers and loosen beer laws in the state of Texas. Overall, the theater’s goal of spreading awareness of Open the Taps’ mission was met, as a good number of attendees weren’t aware of the non-profit organization before attending the event.