PR Account Executive

Alex Autrey is a born and raised Houstonian. Growing up she had the privilege of living in all different areas within the city, which allowed her to become an “almost expert” on how to get around Houston. She says “almost” because the streets are always changing!


She joins the Integrate team with a background in public relations/government affairs, including six years as a chief project manager where she honed her expertise in a variety of areas including client relations, media relations, event coordination and logistics and management of schedules and budgets. And, of course, calming the occasional episode of chaos those of us in the PR world know all too well!


Throughout her career, she learned how to wear many different hats and swap them on a dime by working on an array clients ranging from the political sphere to B2B corporate work. Alex has a way with people, and is as effective working independently as she is working within a group. She won’t shy away from a challenge and, in fact, uses them as an opportunity to learn.


A graduate of the University of Mississippi, she is proud to sing the “Hotty Toddy” chant any chance she gets. She is an active Commissioner in the Keep Houston Beautiful Clean City Commission where she can share her love for the best city around – Houston!

When she isn’t tackling a PR strategy, she likes to watch the Texans tackle their competition. Her husband is a Pearland Fire Fighter and they are both avid cat lovers; they have three and she is more than willing to share their photos. Let’s just say she is happy to be a crazy cat lady!