How well do you know Houston's top communicators?

Integrate Agency has always pushed the envelope to be more than just public relations - we specialize in our own integrated methods of public relations that go beyond traditions to deliver game-changing results for businesses of all sizes. Our recent merger with Wellington Group Marketing & PR expands our service offerings beyond public relations, social media and community relations, launching Texas’ first fully-integrated digital and traditional marketing firm. 

Integrate is an award-winning agency that stays true to traditional public relations roots while integrating the limitless strategic potential and power available with direct communication via engaging social media, community partnerships and clever marketing. We thrive on teamwork, strategic coordination of marketing efforts, unifying messages, and harmonizing your brand's voice across multiple communications channels. 

“Integrate was founded on the premise of continuously evolving with the constantly emerging market trends, to offer clients the most cutting edge tactics that connect them with their target audiences most effectively,” said Integrate Agency’s president and co-founder, Allie Danziger. “Ten years ago, we shook up the public relations scene by offering social media as a part of the traditional PR mix. Today, the marketing world has evolved again and, as our clients’ needs have shifted, so will we. Robbie Wright, CEO, and the whole Wellington team are the perfect group of entrepreneurial-minded partners to expand our collective offerings and provide clients the truly integrated marketing approach we know they need.”   

With our iPhones fully charged and always within arms’ reach, we help our clients identify influencers, communicate relevant content to effect purchasing decisions and build brand loyalty. We understand that today’s communication world has changed and work to capitalize on these digital trends through strategic engagement, both on and offline. And we are constantly innovating, collaborating, growing, learning, and developing.

We move fast and respond quickly, but we always work most successfully when we are prepared.

We hope you'll connect, meet the team and get to know the "Integrate" way of thinking.